Diabetic Dog Treats

Diabetic Dog Treats My Itchy Dog

Diabetic dogs and the treats they can eat! If you have a diabetic dog you’re not alone. Approximately 1 in 500 dogs develops diabetes, with some breeds more prone to it than others. And it’s not a cheap disease to manage either, just the insulin alone for a small dog can be £600 a year, ... Read More »

Stag Bar Deer Antler Dog Chews – 15 Reasons Dogs Love Them

Emma loves her Stag Bar

Deer antler dog chews from Pure Dog are incredibly long lasting (think Gobstopper!)  They’re a raw bone chew that’s naturally shed every year and not from culled stock That means they’re ethically sourced here in the UK and haven’t travelled far Stag Bars will not splinter plus ... Read More »

Karen and Dot – Urticaria and Pet Shop Treats – Part II

My other dog, Dot, gets episodes of urticaria over her head & shoulders & definitely improved when changed to a Fish4Dogs diet (perhaps the fish oil).  However, recent urate crystals in her urine has meant changing to a diet lower in purines & she’s now on Burns Fish & Maize –

Cara’s Itchy Face Sorted….Almost

1. Biggest challenge Our dog Cara was very itchy when we first got her (as an 18 month-old rescue) and switching her to a hypoallergenic foodreally helped her body scratching and slight dandruff, however, she still has a very itchy face which we have found no answer to. She gets allergies in the ... Read More »

David and Tilly’s Story

Tilly, our Jack Russell Terrier, was just under four years’ old when I accepted a two-year posting to the Middle East. Before relocating, Tilly was as fit as a fiddle and enjoyed life to the full. But within three months of settling in to our new home, she became ill. Symptoms The first sign ... Read More »

Duck Pet Munchies – Loved by cats and dogs alike!

My friend, loyal customer and lover of Billy No Mates, Sarah just sent me this email with the following photos and this comment ''I gave mum some pet munchies as she'd run out (placed order today for more) and my pets were not happy about them leaving the house when they could be eating ... Read More »

Lintbells Liver & Garlic Treats – New!

Do you have a dog with the attention span of a goldfish, who won't come when you call him or her, or maybe you'd like to see them compete in a flyball / agility competition or dog show in the not too distant future? Haven't got the faintest idea how you're going to turn your feckless pooch into ... Read More »

Paragon and Pet Muchies Bulk Discounts Now Online

Our lovely customers and spoken and we have listened!  We've add bulk discounts to all our Paragon vegetable dog chews and treats and also to all Pet Munchies pure meat treats.  Healthy dog treats and value for money.  Fill your doggie boots! ... Read More »

Burns Venison Ears – nationwide shortage!

All Venison Ears sold out. All of them.....hundreds of the things. Not sure when they'll be coming back in stock but one Patterdale terrier who can 'count days' as the lady put it, is now the happy owner of around 100. Apparently she gets one every three days and knows when it's day three. ... Read More »